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Glass from World’s Fairs, 1851–1904

There were 11 “major” world’s fairs between 1851 and 1904. The glass exhibits of these 11 fairs were large, and in studying them it is possible to see a progression of styles. Each fair is a time capsule featuring what was most admired in a given year. The 19th-century art movements affecting glass culminated in the free-form glass of Art Nouveau and the rigidity of American brilliant-cut glass, two radically different styles both at the peak of popularity around 1900.

Glass from World’s Fairs surveys glass shown at all 11 major European and American World’s Fairs—representing some of the most important technological advancements in glassmaking history. Also included are illustrations of major glass exhibits and buildings at the fairs.

60 pages, 20 color and 7 black and white illustrations
Jane Shadel Spillman
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Glass from World’s Fairs, 1851–1904