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Innovations in Glass

The Innovation Center at The Corning Museum of Glass shows visitors how innovators have exploited the extraordinary properties of glass to change the way we live. These advances, which range from light bulbs to television tubes to optical fibers, are documented in the Innovation Center's exhibits.

This short book is not a guide to the Center. Instead, it focuses on the most important stories that are told there: stories that revolve around discoverers of new kinds of glass, inventors of processes or products, the years of experimentation, or the happy accidents that led to their discoveries and inventions, and how these innovations affect our lives.

The book is divided into three sections: Windows, Optics, and Vessels. Each section is an expression of one of the ingenious ways in which we have transformed and utilized glass.

Published in association with Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

64 pages, more than 120 illustrations
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Innovations in Glass