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  1. Hands-on Glass Hot Glass Studio.


    Studio Access to Glass. 81050 Hands-on Glass Hot Glass Studio. From 1990 to 1994 it was called Studio Access to Glass, a project of 171 Cedar Arts Center. Glass school information/brochure. Stacks CorningDB Glass schools United States New York (State) Cor ...

  2. The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass.


    65445 Glass school information/brochure. Summer 2001 includes CMoG object: 95.3.61, p. 15 (3rd from top). Spring/summer 2003 includes CMoG object: 98.4.463, p. 19 (top). Spring/summer 2004 includes CMoG objects: 83.3.12, p. 15-- 2001.4.50, p. 31. Spring/s ...