Call for Entries

Call for Entries

New Glass Review, a flagship publication of The Corning Museum of Glass, is an international survey of contemporary glass. Launched in 1979, New Glass Review has served as an annual benchmark for contemporary glass, documenting the innovation, dexterity, and creativity of artists, designers, and architects working in this challenging material.

Inspired by two landmark exhibitions—New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979) and Glass 1959—New Glass Review has documented glass on a global scale and brought unprecedented critical and popular attention to the material, its makers, and designers. Both the 1959 and 1979 exhibitions documented the prevailing concerns of glassmakers and thinkers. In 1959, industrial glass reigned; the exhibition was full of elegant sets of colorless glasses, decanters, and vases. By 1979, Studio Glass had made its mark, and the submissions were full of the whimsy and experimentation that characterized the movement.

In 2019, New Glass Now showed a new generation of artists and designers who are harnessing the possibilities of glass to respond to our complex contemporary moment. From technically masterful vessels to experiments in the chemistry of glass, the works challenged the very notion of what the material of glass is and what it can do.

We look forward to seeing what glass can do next.

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  • Submissions to New Glass Review 42 are now closed.