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Artist-in-Residence: Emma Stein

Emma Stein in inspired by patterns and circularity as they relate to nature and human history. As a teenager, she visited The Corning Museum of Glass, where she witnessed glassblowing for the first time. It ignited a passion that led to a life of exploring the material, focusing her work on the dichotomy between the fragile, light and ephemeral qualities of glass and the hard, sharp and definitive qualities. Stein uses multiples and patterns in her work as a way to organize the chaos in the natural world. Stein has an MFA in glass from Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently working as a studio assistant to glass artist Beth Lipman. Stein’s work has been shown in exhibitions and galleries across the Northeastern U.S., and she is currently creating an installation for St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, NY. In this installation, she hopes to re-examine historical references of the rose window in places of worship, and reinterpret one in a three-dimensional form. She focused on this project during her residency at The Studio in 2015.