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B Team Hot Soup Tricks 2, circa 1996

Digitized footage from the B Team Records Collection. Founded by Zesty Meyers in 1991, the B Team was dedicated to challenging conventional ideas of glass forms and sharing their work with others. The team initially performed and lectured at colleges; however, as their popularity and success grew, they became a not-for-profit organization, and began to focus on performance art glassblowing demonstrations and exhibitions. By 1996, B Team performances were large-scale affairs—with a number of behind-the-scenes assistants—and drew large crowds. Different artists joined the group each season, each bringing their own unique talents and interests to the performances. Following their 1998 reception of a BESSIE award and a performance tour of Japan, the highly successful B Team chose to disband to focus on their individual careers. In December 2018, the Rakow Library of The Corning Museum of Glass received The B Team Records, including notebooks, materials and photographs of performances and installations, promotional materials, and videos of performances, which have very recently been digitized. Learn more in the collection’s finding aid