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Behind the Glass Lecture: Ennion and His Legacy: Mold-Blown Glass from Ancient Rome

Soft drink bottles, drinking glasses and glass Christmas ornaments are part of daily modern life, but their roots can be traced to the ancient world and the legacy of Ennion, the earliest known name of a Roman glass worker. This lecture by the Museum's president and executive director, ancient glass expert Dr. Karol Wight, explores the mold-blown glass of ancient Rome, starting with the works of Ennion, the first ancient glass artisan to include his name on the glass he made. The exhibition Ennion and His Legacy: Mold-Blown Glass from Ancient Rome is on view through January 4, 2016 at The Corning Museum of Glass. The exhibition explores some of the earliest known works made by blowing molten glass into molds carved with decorative and figural designs. The revolutionary technique allowed glassmakers to design glass vessels with complex decoration and figural scenes, and paved the way for glass artisans to create numerous examples of the same shape and design.