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Bill Gudenrath Live-streamed Studio Demonstration (January 2019)

An expert on Venetian glass, William Gudenrath taught students in his January 2019 class how to create well-formed and thinly-blown vessel bodies, excellent necks, delicate mereses, and blown feet and stems. In this demo from January 16, Gudenrath shares his knowledge of reticello—a type of blown glass made with canes organized in a crisscross pattern to form a fine net with tiny air traps. See the final work starting at 1:04:21.

When not teaching at The Studio, Gudenrath can be found studying Venetian glass and making his own Venetian-style glass. He is the author of The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking, and the follow-up, The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian-Style Glassworking.

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