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Bring the Heat: Catherine Ayers

In this Bring the Heat live demo, watch master glassmaker Catherine Ayers create figure sculptures out of hot glass. During the demo, Ayers will talk about her initial sketches and the steps she takes when mapping out the forms the figures will take—in this case two female figures; one of which is pregnant. See the final figures starting at 1:46:53 While sculpting the pregnant female figure, Ayers will demonstrate how her use of dichroic glass creates visual interest within the clear glass form. Learn more about the history of dichroic glass In our new live demo series, Bring the Heat, join us for a live stream of glass artists demonstrating their expertise and skillful execution while “in the zone.” During each demo, an artist will present a personal design they’ve worked to perfect, and they will be live on the mic to narrate as they work—a rarity for live artist demonstrations and a first at the Museum. Find the full schedule of glassmaking live streams on