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Bring the Heat Demonstration: Air-Twist Patterns by Chris Rochelle

In our new live demo series, Bring the Heat, join us for a live steam of glass artists demonstrating their expertise and skillful execution while “in the zone.” During each demo, an artist will present a personal design they’ve worked to perfect, and they will be live on the mic to narrate as they work—a rarity for live artist demonstrations and a first at the Museum. For this demo, Chris Rochelle will create air-twist patterns in glass for use in intricate goblets. This old and complex technique involves trapping lines of air in a gather of glass and twisting it to create a mesmerizing spiral effect. Joined by a trusted team of gaffers, this demo will rely heavily on teamwork, utilizing the “garage” (an oven to hold glass objects at the right temperature). Rochelle will pre-make each separate piece and then assemble them into a finished work of art.