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Bring the Heat: Jeff Mack Live Streamed Demonstration making a Glass Bull Sculpture

Watch glassmaker Jeff Mack bring the heat as he hot carves a solid sculpture into the likeness of a charging bull. In a recent and exciting collaboration with Red Bull, Mack sculpted a bull out of glass while a stunt motorcyclist performed tricks around him. He spent a significant amount of time practicing and perfecting the bull, and he is delighted to share the process during this livestreamed demo. See more about the Red Bull collab Read about it on the blog And watch Jeff make a glass bull in under 1 minute In our live demo series, Bring the Heat, join us for a live stream of glass artists demonstrating their expertise and skillful execution while “in the zone.” During each demo, an artist will present a personal design they’ve worked to perfect, and they will be live on the mic to narrate as they work—a rarity for live artist demonstrations and a first at the Museum.