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Chris Ahalt Live-Streamed Studio Demonstration

Watch as Chris Ahalt demonstrates making a glass bear, showing how to work in steps to create hollow forms using not much more than a blow hose and few key tools. See the final piece starting at 1:03:06. Ahalt is a flameworker with 19 years experience. In 2005, he apprenticed under master flameworker, Cesare Toffolo, in Murano, Italy. There he learned many of the Venetian techniques for cups and vessels that have given him the building blocks to create glass of the highest quality. Ahalt has become known for his series of sculptures centered on endangered animals that are strung up as balloons.

Take a look into a class at The Studio and watch as internationally renowned faculty demonstrate for their classes ranging from furnace sculpting to flameworking to any other variety of glassblowing techniques.