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Chris Rochelle Guest Artist Demonstration

Watch Chris Rochelle create a glass tulip-stemmed goblet in this demo from the Amphitheater on August 1, 2019. See the final piece starting at 1:27:24. Chris Rochelle enjoys the constant, steady focus that forming glass demands. A common thread in his work is creating tight forms with clean edges and lines, which he was trained to do throughout his time as a production glassmaker. With a love for sculpture, he finds Venetian-style goblet-making provides a great platform to bring those avenues together: forming thin bubbles into nice shapes and joining them together with sculpted components. "In much of my artwork, I find myself attempting to make order out of chaos, like taking a snapshot of something that is in constant change,” said Rochelle. “With glass, I thrive on the constant attention it demands to push the boundary between fluid and solid state." The Guest Artist Series features world-class visiting artists at work in the Amphitheater Hot Shop. These special, extended demonstrations provide a fascinating peek at the techniques, artistry, and improvisation that comprise contemporary glassmaking. Our own Hot Glass Demo Team assists and narrates for each artist, answering audience questions in real time. Learn more at