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Claire Kelly Live-streamed Studio Demonstration (January 2020)

Watch Claire Kelly demonstrate for her class, Blowing Glass with 104 COE, which explores the unconventional use of Morretti glass in the hot shop. Known for distinctive use of color to create patterns and striking visual effects, Claire will be creating an abstract blown glass form with carefully placed pinwheel polka dots on the surface. Each pinwheel has been created and stored in an oven ahead of time and will be adhered to the surface of the glass form while it is hot. This pattern new to Claire's body of work and she is excited to share its evolution. See the final piece starting at 1:30:20. Take a look into a class at The Studio and watch as internationally renowned faculty demonstrate for their classes ranging from furnace sculpting to flameworking to any other variety of glassblowing techniques. To register for classes, visit