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Fiber Optics | Connected by Glass

Connected by Glass is a new series of virtual live chats featuring a range of topics related to glass—and what better topic to begin with than fiber optics, a technology that’s enabling us all to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. This almost-invisible technology is making possible everything from our video conferencing to online learning, and telehealth to streaming entertainment. The discussion touches on what optical fiber is, what it enables, its connections to Corning, New York, and what life might be like right now without it. This recording of the live event features the following panel of experts: Dr. Marvin Bolt: Curator of Science & Technology Dr. Claudio Mazzali: Senior Vice President Technology, Optical Communications at Corning Incorporated Chris Schmidt: Executive Producer, PBS NOVA Moderator: Eric Goldschmidt, Flameworking and Properties of Glass Supervisor