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Connected by Glass: The Glassmakers of Murano

The island of Murano, off the coast of Venice, Italy, has been known for its incredible glass industry and culture since the 13th century. With traditions that have stood the test of time, the glassmakers of Murano were perhaps as capable as any to face the unprecedented difficulties brought about by COVID-19. Join us as we bridge the gap between continents, language, and history to learn how these master craftsmen are adapting to the conditions of the pandemic, and how it has impacted glassmaking on the island. Join the Museum’s flameworker, Eric Goldschmidt, Thursday at 1pm Eastern for a live check-in with glassmakers from Murano: Emanuel and Elia Toffolo, Davide Salvadore, Lucio Bubacco, Lucia Santini, and Piero Nason.