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Looking at Windows | Connected by Glass

For two thousand years, windows have provided light, insulation, and visibility between interior and exterior spaces. The strength, transparency, durability, and beauty of glass make it an ideal material to make buildings a little less dark and a little more open. Especially during the time of Covid-19, windows have allowed us to participate in the world from behind a protective barrier. In this episode of Connected by Glass, we will look at the history, evolution, and future of the window, one of modern life’s simplest tools, and how it has transformed design and architecture. We’ll be joined by: Denise Allen, PhD, Specialist in Roman Glass Tony (Anthony) Board, Program Director, Advanced Windows, Emerging Innovations Group, Corning Incorporated Lihong Liu, Sally Michelson Davidson Assistant Professor of Chinese Arts and Cultures, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Moderated by Katherine Larson, Curator of Ancient Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass About the Connected By Glass Series Glass is all around us, working hard to enrich our lives. It’s so easy to look through glass, but we rarely pause to look at it. This live chat series features Museum experts and special guests who share their insights into a range of topics, allowing us to discover all the unexpected ways that we are connected by glass. Join us on YouTube and Facebook Live as we discuss topics including glass used in science and innovation, entertainment, fashion, industry, design, and travel. Find the full schedule of upcoming Connected by Glass events on