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Corning's near neighbors: cutting shops of the Elmira area | Jenkins | 39th Annual Seminar on Glass

Filmed during the 39th annual Seminar on Glass at Corning Incorporated's Corporate Headquarters, Corning, NY, October 13, 2000. Norma P.H. Jenkins reviews the three cutting shops of the Elmira, NY area during the early 20th century: Elmira Cut Glass Company, Enterprise Glass Company, and Majestic Cut Glass Company. With the use of a slide presentation she shows pieces of cut glass from each shop and much of the time, catalog pages from the cutting shop. She discusses problems these three small cutting shops endured: competition, labor problems, style changes, war shortages, and management decisions, which most likely was the reason for their demise after only a few years of production. The 39th annual Seminar on Glass was co-sponsored by the Eastern Lakes Chapter of the American Cut Glass Association. Introduction provided by Jane Spillman. Speakers: Jane Shadel Spillman, Deputy Director of Collections, The Corning Museum of Glass Norma P.H. Jenkins, former Head Librarian, The Corning Museum of Glass Bib ID 66606