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Glass cutting in Sandwich, Massachusetts | Kirk Nelson | 39th Annual Seminar on Glass

Filmed during the 39th annual Seminar on Glass at Corning Incorporated's Corporate Headquarters, Corning, NY, October 13, 2000. Kirk Nelson reviews "Sandwich glass" made by the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company from 1825 to 1888. Identification of authentic Sandwich glass is difficult due to the lack of any mark by the factory and the common patterns being cut by many firms during this time. Smaller independent shops (generally former workers from the firm) continued the use of these patterns and the style of Sandwich glass through the early 1920's. He speaks of Mary Gregory, a decorator at this firm and how her work was copied globally, making identification of authentic Mary Gregory glass difficult. The 39th annual Seminar on Glass was co-sponsored by the Eastern Lakes Chapter of the American Cut Glass Association. Jane Spillman provides the introduction. Speakers: Jane Spillman, Deputy Director of Collections, The Corning Museum of Glass Kirk Nelson, Director of the Glass Art Center Bib ID 66608