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Heather Spiewak Guest Artist Demonstration

Watch Guest Artist Heather Spiewak create a vessel using four separate pieces of cut glass in the Amphitheater Hot Shop on June 28, 2018. See the finished vessel starting at 1:07:47.

A member of the Hot Glass Team, Heather Spiewak graduated from Illinois State University, where she studied studio arts, glassblowing, and archaeology. There, she fell in love with sculpture and history, especially in glass. Spiewak now works at the Museum, where she has been involved in several programs, including Make Your Own Glass, Fun with Glass, Artist-in-Residence, and the Hot Glass Demos. Currently, she is working toward furthering her understanding of the techniques and history of glass, while educating the public. 

The Guest Artist Series features world-class visiting artists at work in the Amphitheater Hot Shop. These special, extended demonstrations provide a fascinating peek at the techniques, artistry, and improvisation that comprise contemporary glassmaking. Our own Hot Glass Demo Team assists and narrates for each artist, answering audience questions in real time.