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Installation of Kiki Smith's Constellation in the New Contemporary Art + Design Wing

Watch the Museum's team install Kiki Smith's Constellation in the Special Projects Gallery of the new Contemporary Art + Design Wing of The Corning Museum of Glass, which opened March 20, 2015.

Constellation is an installation based on the night sky. The circular field of leaves of handmade Nepal paper, dyed indigo, is the backdrop for a collection of hot-sculpted glass animals, cast glass stars, and hundreds of cast bronze pellets imitating animal scat. The glass animals refer to 26 constellations. These include well-known star patterns — such as Ursa Major and Minor (Greater and Little Bear), Scorpius (the scorpion), Aries (the ram), and Cancer (the crab) — and lesser-known star patterns, such as Corvus (the crow), Lacerta (the lizard), and Delphinus (the dolphin).