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Iridizing Glass

Watch how sheet glass is made using traditional glassblowing methods, and how to achieve iridescence using a process called fuming. Tiffany’s glassmakers used a similar process to achieve the iridescent and patterned surfaces of flat glass for mosaic application.

Louis C. Tiffany’s innovative artistry forged a bold new aesthetic for glass mosaics and contributed a uniquely American character to the centuries-old art form. Discover and explore these breathtaking artworks as never before. Through exquisite new photography, high-definition gallery projections, and interactive activities, Tiffany’s glass mosaics—and the creative process behind them—can be fully appreciated for the first time. From design to installation, we invite you to lose yourself in the immersive world of Tiffany’s Glass Mosaics. On view at The Corning Museum of Glass through January 7, 2018.