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Jeff Zimmerman & James Mongrain Guest Artist Demonstration

Watch guest artists Jeff Zimmerman and James Mongrain work together to create one of the largest blown glass sculptures ever created in the Amphitheater Hot Shop. Zimmerman’s work exploits the pushing, pulling, dripping, and spinning actions that glass goes through as it takes shape, resulting in work that echoes nature. Mongrain takes his inspiration from traditional Venetian goblet-making. Over the course of his career, he has focused on creating elegant vessels of many shapes, sizes and colors. Zimmerman and Mongrain have wanted to collaborate for a long time and used this opportunity to pay tribute to their teachers in the Venetian tradition as well as the modernist abstraction that they create.

The Guest Artist Series features world-class visiting artists at work in the Amphitheater Hot Shop. These special, extended demonstrations provide a fascinating peek at the techniques, artistry, and improvisation that comprise contemporary glassmaking. Our own Hot Glass Demo Team assists and narrates for each artist, answering audience questions in real time.