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Laceface, Hickory, and Phil Siegel | Guest Artist Flameworking Demo

In the culmination of a week-long collaborative engagement, flameworkers Laceface, Hickory, and Phil Siegel will bring together a sculpture that integrates each of their unique styles into a single work of art, during a live demonstration. Lacey (Laceface) Walton Lacey (LaceFace) Walton was born in Grants Pass, Oregon in the early 80’s. She was exposed to the blossoming art form of glass blowing and pipe making from an early age. Determined from the beginning to create beauty, Lacey fell in love with the color, fluidity, and form of glass the moment she began working on the torch in 2004. Lacey spent the next several years concentrating on her growing skills as a glass artist while simultaneously putting herself through school. After graduating with an associate degree in the Arts, she became heavily involved in the expanding glass pipe art movement. Lacey's website: Lacey's Instagram: @lacefaceglass Chris (Hickory) Vickers Chris “Hickory Glass” Vickers began working with glass in 2001. In that time, he developed his highly recognizable style of making pieces that look like driftwood. This voice for making natural, woody-looking glass has also led him to develop techniques for making birch, cedar, and most recently burnt or rotted wood. He is constantly inspired by the natural world and enjoys creating pieces that will be used for many years by his collectors.  Winning the 6th annual Pipe Classic flameworking competition at the Bern Gallery in Burlington, VT helped Chris gain national recognition and established him within the upper echelon of the flameworking community. Hickory's Instagram: @hickoryglass Phil Siegel Phil lives in the remote coast of Washington State. With no formal apprenticeship or education in art, he uses his extensive background in construction and architecture, to guide his own, very personal, artistic vision and approach to the medium. By combining the ridged form language, he learned while designing architecture with the limitless flowing nature of glass, he challenges himself to achieve a marriage between fantasy and structure, and to relate his deepest life experiences through the emancipation of his inner most spiritual, intellectual, and emotional self. Phil's Website: Phil's Instagram: @philsiegelglass