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Meet the Artist: Michael Glancy

Hear from artist Michael Glancy, whose abstract vessels explore nature, science, and metaphysics. Glancy's pieces begin as cell-like patterns and arcane notations jotted down on paper. The objects slowly acquire form and texture, shaped and revealed by cutting, sandblasting, and the application of copper through an electroforming process in which the objects are attached to electrodes and placed in a chemical bath. Glancy's pieces evolve from each other, and they are essentially organic. His finished objects—elegant, self-assured vessels grounded on a field, or base plate—have the demeanor of a figure in a landscape. Even though the work is abstract, nature is always present. Glancy studied glass with Dale Chihuly at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the 1970s. Today, he is an adjunct faculty member of the metals department at RISD. His work is represented in many private and public collections including The Corning Museum of Glass.