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Netflix's Blown Away | Connected by Glass

Last summer, Netflix released a sizzling hot show, one that puts a 2100° material in a starring role: Blown Away, the glassblowing competition that delighted viewers and critics alike. People discovered the beauty and intricacy of working with a material hotter than lava and took to the Internet to share their delight in the heart-pounding, high-stakes process and glassmakers' unique perspective. In a time when cultural institutions across the country are working hard to engage with would-be visitors digitally, not many are lucky enough to say, “You can see us in a very bingeable show on Netflix!” Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes of Blown Away, and chat with the team who made it all possible. Hear from a producer about the creation of the show, the host about his newfound appreciation for glass, and two contestants who have used their unexpected fame to help further their glassmaking careers. For this week's episode, we'll be joined by: Nick Uhas - Host Eric Meek–Moderator Katherine Gray–Resident Evaluator Deborah Czeresko–Season 1 Winner Alexander Rosenberg–Season 1 Participant Donna Luke–Vice President of Production, marblemedia