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Pâte de Verre with Shin-ichi and Kimiake Higuchi | Master Class Series, Volume IV

Produced from 1998 to 2014, each video in The Studio’s Master Class Series presents a portrait of an artist and teaches a glassworking technique. Until now, these 30-minute videos have only been available on DVD. This video focuses on two artists from Japan who use the pâte de verre technique to form intimate glass sculptures that express their love of nature. Kimiake Higuchi demonstrates the making of a cabbage leaf, while her husband, Shin-ichi, produces a mosaic piece. The Higuchis began exploring the technique of pâte de verre in 1987. They established many of their original techniques through several years of trial and error. Currently, their work can be seen in many museums and galleries and is collected globally. The Higuchis have taught workshops in many parts of the world, including Japan, France, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain, and the United States. Although they have no formal training in glassworking, the Higuchis have become highly respected teachers and artists. Their sculptures are considered by many experts to be among the finest pâte de verre works ever made.