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Past | Present Hot Glass Demo by Jeff Mack

Our exhibition Past| Present: Expanding the Stories of Glass shows how the stories that objects tell are always evolving. Past | Present explores how objects reveal stories about people across time and place, and how the Museum can broaden voices and narratives in our galleries. The text in this exhibition—which emerged from dialogues among curators, educators, scholars, artists, and other community members—is only a starting point. Prompted by the Past|Present exhibition’s theme of “Resilience,” Jeff Mack will make a vase that emulates a piece on display at the Museum created by Archemede Seguso in 1953 called Merletto Irregulare (Italian for “irregular lace”). The process involves a technique in which one vessel is formed, cut into pieces, and reassembled using molten bits of glass as glue to make something completely new. Jeff Mack Often incorporating traditional techniques blended into a contemporary vision, Jeff Mack crafts his work to not only highlight his personal expression, but to bring forward the actual process of glassmaking. Jeff's Bio: