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Past | Present Hot Glass Demonstration | Eric Goldschmidt and Caitlyn Hyde

Prompted by the Past|Present exhibition’s theme of “Protection,” Eric Goldschmidt and Catlin Hyde will create pendants in the form of eyes. Eye beads are among the earliest objects made from glass, and thought to offer their wearers protection. Hyde will draw inspiration from traditional eye beads, and Goldschmidt from the techniques of prosthetic glass eye makers in their contemporary takes on these ancient objects. Eric Goldschmidt Since 1996, Eric Goldschmidt has devoted himself to practicing and developing the techniques of hot glass manipulation with a focus on flameworking, while studying and assisting with many of the world’s most talented glass artists. Eric's Bio: Caitlin Hyde Caitlin Hyde has been working with glass and other materials for more than 20 years, exploring a lifelong curiosity about our relationship with nature, social history, human creativity, and meaningful communication. Caitlin's Bio: