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Rich cut glass of L. Straus & Sons | Craig Carlson | 39th Annual Seminar on Glass

Filmed during the 39th annual Seminar on Glass at Corning Incorporated's Corporate Headquarters, Corning, NY, October 13, 2000. Craig Carlson lectures on the cut glass firm L. (Lazarus) Straus & Sons. This firm in conjunction with R.H. Macy & Co., ran a cutting shop within Macy's store. L. Straus & Sons had a second cutting shop in production at the same time in the Manhattan area. With the use of a slide presentation Carlson shows pages from Macy's catalogs dated 1887 through 1911, which clearly identify "Macy's" cut glass patterns, cut by L. Straus & Sons. Introduction provided by Jane Spillman. The 39th annual Seminar on Glass was co-sponsored by the Eastern Lakes Chapter of the American Cut Glass Association. Speakers: Jane Spillman, Deputy Director of Collections, The Corning Museum of Glass Craig Carlson, Researcher