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Sizzling Glass Science with Nick Uhas | Live Streamed Demonstration

TikTok star and host of Netflix’s Blown Away, Nick Uhas, teams up with The Corning Museum of Glass to present a special demonstration geared towards the weird and wonderful things glass can do. A science influencer, Nick combines his formal science education with his insatiable curiosity to create “pop science” content that he shares with his 700K YouTube subscribers and 7.3 million TikTok followers. Nick has also presented mind-blowing science experiments on the Today Show, America’s Got Talent, and other national stages. Nick got a crash course in glass when he became host of Blown Away in 2019. While he leaves the glass art to the makers on Blown Away, Nick has become intrigued by the science behind glassmaking. Some of the glass experiments he’s conducted with the Museum are accessible on his YouTube channel. During this science-focused demonstration, Nick worked with the Hot Glass Demo Team to explore unique properties of glass that make it such a versatile material in our lives. It can be both strong and weak. It can be stretched finer than a human hair and carry information around the world. It can break in purposeful—yet dramatic—ways. Watch as Nick and our glassmakers explore the surprising science behind glass.