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T.G. Hawkes and the glass industry | Jane Shadel Spillman | 31st Annual Seminar on Glass (1991)

Filmed during the annual Seminar on Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, NY, October 18, 1991. Introduction provided by Dwight Lanmon. Using the Hawkes archives at The Corning Museum of Glass, Jane Spillman recounts the work of T.G. Hawkes in the 1880s, including his efforts to shut out the fledgling labor movement in his firm and his involvement with other firms to control competition, through such means as the sales of blanks. She also outlines the relationships between Hawkes and Dorflinger, and glass sent by Hawkes to the Paris 1889 exhibition. At the conclusion of Jane Spillman's lecture, Micki Doros presents a monetary contribution to the Corning Museum of Glass on behalf of the Westchester Glass Club. Bib ID 62371